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Hatha Yoga is the ancient East Indian science of breathing and exercise. It is a series of postures and movements that have specific healing properties, that have now been scientifically verified. Tai chi is a Chinese system that is intended to similarly affect specific body parts and organ systems. Both have a highly disciplined approach and philosophy to breathing, which is very powerful physically, psychologically and spiritually.

The significance of conscious breathing is being studied in the West, due to the fact that oxygen is now being understood as the most elementary and vital component in all 72 trillion cells in the body. The average westerner traditionally breathes quite shallowly, and is influenced tremendously by his emotional state, often actually holding the breath while emoting.

Modern science has dramatic statistics on how inefficiently our respiratory system works most of the time in our daily life. The goal of the older Eastern sciences with conscious breathing, postures and movements is to attain meditative states, which allow the individual to gain control over the mind and lower emotional states such as anger, jealously and rage. At one point, while still practicing specific exercises on a daily basis, the practice rolls over into everyday activities. The heightened energy, perception, and sensitivity are felt in everything that one does, from walking, sitting or bending over to pick up a pencil. So called simple chores become a vehicle to higher consciousness, and can be viewed more as a positive activity. The increased oxygenation alone, that is derived from deeper breathing, has profound physiological properties. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises/movements are necessary for good health and vitality.

I have spent over 32 years practicing and teaching yoga and tai chi principles on a daily basis, from several different schools and forms. I have accompanied and taken modern dance classes, and been involved with many sports throughout my life. After completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, I worked on a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, in an effort to synthesize scientific and mystical theories of physiological functions in the body. I can set up a holistic exercise program, unique to individual preferences, to address a wide spectrum of health problems and issues. I would be very happy to set up a free initial consultation via email, after submitting a detailed personal health history and vital statistics. I'm currently working on a book and video, which will be available soon.

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