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The Healing LifeStyle is a 10 point holistic health system developed over a 32 year period of study and practice.

It can be individualized so that each unique person can work with a program that addresses their health and life. It is not a series of separate exercises done at different times. Rather, at one point, it becomes a way of life, where one takes conrol over their physiological make-up through conscious breathing, postures and movements, eating and thinking.


1. Regenerative BREATHING Practices and Awareness

2. Conscious Exercise
Integrating daily movements and postures with yoga, tai chi, sports and dance principles

3. High Nutrition Diet

4. Herbs for toning, strengthening and detoxification

5. Supplemental vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes

6. Massage/Bodywork

7. Meditation Forms
for concentration, deep relaxation and visualization using silence and music

8. Prayer and Affirmation

9. Readings
on sacred and paranormal phenomena

10. Hydrotherapy:
tubs, showers, hot springs and sweats to cleanse

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