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Anyone wanting massage therapy or bodywork should know their therapist's techniques and education to see if it suits his/her needs.

I took my first 6 week class in Esalen Massage in 1977 in Brattleboro, Vermont. The physical strokes were based on Swedish techniques, while the breathing and deep relaxation came from a synthesis of Eastern and Western meditation ideas. Esalen style can use a wide range of gentle and deep tissue work. This is important so that if a soothing, relaxing massage is preferred, it can be accommodated, or if deeper tension, injury or stress needs work, that can be addressed. The simple effects of improved circulation and deep relaxation, have been studied more in the past 25 years, in connection with more dramatic healing properties. The increased flow of oxygen to all of the cells of the body cannot be underestimated.

I also studied the thousands of years old Eastern massage techniques, such as Shiatsu, Accupressure, Jin Shin Jitsu, and Do In for their more profound effects on internal organs and organ systems. Reflexology and Bio-Kinesiology are Western styles developed out of Eastern techniques, all of which I studied in Eugene, Oregon in the late 70's.

In the 1990's I returned to college in pre-med curriculum, in an effort to intensify my understanding of anatomy and physiology, and natural healing through bodywork, nutrition and exercise. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and went on to do graduate work in Exercise Physiology for Special Populations. In 1999, I got my license in Massage Therapy from the State of Wisconsin and am a member of The American Massage Therapy Association.

Of course this aspect of my holistic program must be worked with in person. My rate is $50/hour, though I always give an introductory offer of 2 for the price of 1 sessions for new clients. Please call 505-751-4804 for an appointment or more information.

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