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I wish to use an autobiographical sketch to explain my approach to Nutrition. I do this because I feel that each person will ultimately have to take responsibility for his/her own program, after carefully examining his/her daily and lifestyle regime. The uniqueness of the individual is paramount in my system, therefore it cannot be my intent to give any general information on the site. Rather, I wish to give specific advice to anyone with questions on their condition with an initial free consultation. Subsequent consultations will be $25 per session.

In 1974, I became a 'vegetarian' for mostly socio-political reasons believing that the world hunger problem could be solved by better uses of land and resources on the planet. There also was a deepening spiritual understanding of the subtler relationships in the nature of foods and sustanance. For twenty five years, I experimented with a wide range of vegan and 'vegetarian' diets, along with fasting and raw foods. I went back to college in my late 30's, studying pre-med curriculum. I ended my undergraduate work with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, with a Chemistry minor. All of the years of personal experiences with the healing nature of foods/plants, was enhanced by the cutting edge sciences that I worked with.

The past 2 years I have opened up my dietary restrictions to include a variety of seafood and poultry. I now believe I can help any individual with a dietary program that fits their particular needs and background. I have designed outstandingly balanced organically grown vegan to vegetarian diets and now am able to include most anything.

I have also done extensive research, both experientially, and in classical texts, concerning vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and herbs. There are powerful combinations to be coordinated with great care, as the complexity of food/medicine interactions has gotten far advanced in the past decade, with the incredible rise in the pharmaceutical and vitamin industries. Of course, I would need a detailed account of all foods and drugs ingested on a daily basis to design an individual program for each person. The lifeforce and physical properties of ALL plants on earth cannot be overestimated. They are a vital component in any holistic program.

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